Install XIM: Ubuntu 16

Ubuntu 16

When Installing Ubuntu, you can choose a Cameroon keyboard as your default keyboard.

1 Select Cam at install

When Ubuntu boots, the Cameroon Keyboard will be enabled as default (just open up a text editor and type “;e” to test it).

Add more keyboards:

If you only need the Cameroon Keyboard.  You are done here, but if you want to install other keyboards, like English or French, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  1. Open System settings.
  2. Under System Settings, open Text Entry.
  3. Click the “+” sign in the bottom-left corner.
    text entry
  4. This opens the Choose an input source dialogue.  Type “cam” in the search box and choose the keyboard you want to add. Click Add.
    choose input source.png
  5. You will return to the Keyboard Layouts tab and your new Keyboard will be listed. Under Switch to next source using, you can customize the shortcut key, I suggest and choose an option. I suggest Left Alt+Left Shift, the same as Windows.
    text enty with
  6. If you select a keyboard and click the keyboard icon  icon, you can see the current layout.
    Screenshot from 2016-05-16 10_03_07
  7. Click Close and Close to exit both windows.
  8. You can now click on the Language icon near the Clock and choose a new keyboard. If you enabled the keyboard shortcut earlier, you can also switch keyboards by pressing Left Alt and Left Shift at the same time.
    ubuntu key choice

Using IBus (and KMFL) and XIM keyboards side-by-side

It appears that Ubuntu 16 makes no distinction between XIM, IBUS, and KMFL keyboards, and this is great news! Choose the keyboard you want from the unified list and move on. If you installed Ubuntu, however, it does not come with KMFL. If you want to use KMFL, go to Cameroon Keyboard/Clavier: KMFL.