Release Notes

Cameroon Keyboard Full Release Notes


1.5 Added Splash Screen
1.4 Bugfixes
1.3 Implemented user-engagement Analytics
1.2 Implemented Weekly Stopwatch Analytics for SoftKeyboard
1.1 Limited to Android KitKat
1.0 Released Base App


0.8 Revamp Main Setup Screen
0.7 Spruced up Interface Design, Minified.
0.6 Improved Keyboard Switching.
0.5 Added Firebase
0.4 Added Basic Google Analytics
0.3 Fixed NullPointer Errors on RadioButton
0.2 Attempted to fix Super error
0.1 Everything is new!

Known Issues:

– Some Characters don’t work in Android 4.4 or 4.0. This is a font problem in Android, not this app!
-Sometimes the Keyboard Switcher will get confused which Keyboard is chosen.